Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now That's Better

A while back I mentioned that I was working on some organization ideas for my studio. For me, it is much more fun to be creative when I am around things I like. So I have been working on prettying up my space.

Even small bits of ribbons are great for cards, tags and other fun things that I create. But, there was a problem with the "throw them in a Ziploc bag" system that I have been using for years. Even the blue and red zipper bags were... well... bags. 

I went searching the web for Ribbon Organization ideas. I just KNEW I could find lots of good ideas... and I did, but either I did not have the supplies on hand or the item cost money. 

I tossed ideas around in my head for a while and finally came up with this one: 

Yep, baby food jars. Now, they come in great cardboard cases. Who knew? I remember juggling 30 or so of these jars and two toddlers in the grocery store. No handy dandy little box twenty years ago.  

I used my old friend Modge Podge and fabric to cover the box and there you have it, a pretty way to keep my bits of ribbons organized. Yes, that was a shameless reference to my blog name. A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.


  1. Your ribbons look so pretty and totally organised :)

  2. They don't stay that way! LOL But it does help.

  3. great idea .. love the tray they are in too