Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Bouncy Flowers Watering Can

I am not always playing with paper. I blog hop to find inspiration and learn from some of the most amazing people. I would never have a chance to see their work if not for my late night blog cruisin'.

I have a few other blogs I like to follow, shabby decorating type blogs, ones that are about flea markets, Victorian photos, free Vintage clip art ... you get the idea. You would not believe all the majorly cool things people find at thrift stores and garage sales! So I am pleased to show off my very own Thrift Store Score:

It is a watering can, about 8" tall or so at the top of the spout. Isn't it darling?! I am not an expert, it seems old but not really really old. I believe it is made of tin. The patina looks great and I like that it is all chippy. You know, I don't care if it can be bought down the road at Joann's today. I paid $1 and I am HAPPY!

But... here's the best part: the flowers are bouncy! Yep, just like Tigger. There is a thin piece of metal behind each one that is wound into a spring. I almost want to make a video of it for you. But, you will just have to take my word for it. Want more pics? Of course you do!

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  1. that is seriously fun! I have never seen a watering can quite like this.

  2. Never saw a watering can like this. You did the right thing on that purchase. I love it.

  3. Thank you ladies! There are no markings anywhere, either. I forgot to mention that. I have moved it down to the kitchen table now so I can bounce the flowers as I walk past!

  4. It's a head turner, that little watering can. Great find.

  5. Hi
    I noticed you were a follower and just wanted to stop by and meet you. Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile. I love the watering can you found. It is so cute!