Friday, September 2, 2011

Remember Sewing Bees?

I have to admit, there was only one time that I can remember going to a quilting party. My mother took me and I remember that it seemed to last forever. Now, I think I would love the idea of sitting around a frame, quilting with my friends and just letting the gossip flow!

So, in the spirit of finishing off a quilt, here is a card I made. I included a couple of needles just in case...


  1. Adorable ! When I was growing up in the '60's, my mother used to attend and host Coffee Klatches.... I would have LOVED a sewing Bee. Alas, I don't know many if not any women who stitch, hook or quilt : (

    thanks for sharing,

  2. Thank you :-) It was a fun one to make. I know some women from my church that quilt once a week... they are very good! I have made a few machine quilts but have never hand stitched one. Such talent!

    Thanks for joining the site!

  3. A sewing bee sounds wonderful but I don't have other friends who sew but I host art days with my friends. Your card is so sweet x

  4. Happy day after Pink Saturday Bitsy, Your sewing bee card is great. I made a tag using a scanned copy of one of my mother's vintage sewing needle cards. If you have time here is the link if you would like to see it.
    Have a wonderful week. Linda

  5. Thank you, Shaz! I would love to have art parties with my friends, how fun for you!

    Linda, that tag is great! The colors are still so very vibrant! I have my mother's sewing basket (shhhh don't tell my sisters!). If I can borrow your idea, I might take a look and see what I can create from there!

    It is great to be making friends in Blogville! God is good!

  6. Želim ti puno sreće u daljnjem radu...
    Lijep pozdrav iz Hrvatske.

  7. Really great art here! I put a spacer in my header so the follower button would show. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  8. @ 2am: Thanks so much! Yours is the great art site, I really wanted to join you. Thanks for fixing it.

    Come back soon!

  9. Hello Bitsy....I am your partner for the fall swap. Looking forward to sending you a happy little fall tag. Send over your mailing address and I will pop that in the mail in a week or two. What a lovely blog you have here...smiles...Renee