Saturday, October 15, 2011

Craft Organization? You bet!

Whoohoo! These are the shelves I found at the thrift store. I already had the long one. It is actually a tall skinny shelving unit but I laid it on its side, added the 3 new shelves ($3 each) and it is a perfect place for the printer. My DDiL hung my huge pink paper flower (HL clearance for $2.50!), and the wall words. She is tall and I ... well... am not. Another great thing she did for me yesterday was to encourage me to go on and publish my shelving. She took the pictures.. and did a great job! Thanks, Meridith!

My flower storage is mainly pint and jelly sized jars from Wally World.  I added lace to some, cause who wants to work in a room without lace? All of my flowers I got from The Flying Unicorn Store, and many of them I won from their Challenges :-)

There is a pin cushion teacup on the far right. I wrapped a "red tomato" pin cushion on a vintage pink hankie, plopped it down in the teacup, and viola! You can see it best on the last pic.- Interesting that MS Word did not correct me when I typed pic. - But I digress. I love the teacup! Of course, I stuck myself a few times, but no blood got on the hankie...

Let's see, what else... the shelves are within arms reach of where I work, so it is wonderful! My studio is truly taking shape, and so cheaply. Just got to keep checking those thrift shops!

Wish you could stay for a cup of coffee or tea. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of Blogville!


  1. Wow! looks so nice! I need to get myself an Art space like you. :)

  2. The whole space looks great - you've done a wonderful job and the wall flowers just make it! Happy Pink Saturday and a hug from the UK!