Friday, October 14, 2011

The Push-Back Method

Alright, I have moved things around in the studio, and I found three wonderful shelves at the thrift store. Things are starting to take shape in here, finally!

There is an issue, though. I am very good at the Push Back Method of scrapping. If you are not familiar, it is not hard to learn. Here, let me teach you!

  1. Create something wonderful!
  2. Throw the scraps in the collage box and the trash away.
  3. Push everything else, all the supplies, to the back of your work space
  4. Begin new project.
Now the issue is, I work on an old dining room table and it is wonderful, room for the laptop and tons of space to create... but since I moved things around, there is no longer a wall to push back to.

So, I keep dropping things off the other side of the table. Now explain to me why this happens?! MY supplies know better! Sheesh, you would think that by now, things like this would not be happening to me!!

Fine, fine,  my lovely DDiL is on her way over, so we will play and I will live to clean another day! Whoohoo!! 

Just wish I had one more better system for the work space. Hmm. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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