Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Your Mother's Clothespins

I want a clothesline. I probably would not hang much out, but I want one. A place for blankets, and sheets in the summertime. I can remember mom's clotheslines over the years, and the clothespin bag. Does anyone else remember this clever little contraption? It hung on the clothesline, and slid along as we hung clothes. The sunshine brightened all the clothes, and at the same time, it bleached out the bag. When the clothes were dry, it slid along again as you took them down. A place for the pins to go until the next wash. 

I know I have a dryer, and I know I would not use it much. Doesn't matter, I still want a clothesline. 
And a clothespin bag. 

Creating these clothespins brought back memories of white sheets snapping against the wind and blue jeans so stiff they would stand by themselves. I can just imagine the trouble I would be in if I got anywhere near the clothes with this ink! I made these on Saturday, and if you look very closely, you can still see ink stains on my hands.

Here's a quick rundown of how to do it: Any craft store will have wooden "Doll" clothespins, bag of 30 for around $3.50. Sandpaper, alcohol inks, felt (for pushing color into  the cracks and crevices), Stazon* ink, large patterned stamp, ribbon to finish it off, and voila!

Thanks goes out to Suzie from the Flying Unicorns for the great tutorial on this incredibly fun but messy craft!


  1. These clothespins are so fabulous! I'll be picking up some of these soon. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Bitsy,

    I just put you on my blog. Way to go girl. Love your site!

    Patti Grace