Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Limor's Workshop

I will admit it. I am becoming addicted to watching Limor Webber on Tuesday nights on UStream. She does a live show and I am learning so much! Her workshops contain everything from ShabbyChic mini books to the cutting edge Industrial Chic. She is very talented and down to earth, and that helps me so much. She also just got hired by Prima, and her first workshop is in Israel in a few weeks. I wonder if she can pack me to go too?

I have been working in my Art Journal quite a bit lately. It is really freeing to create something and know I can just paint over it and start again if I don't like it. Here is my latest:

Stay Groovy,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

13 @rts Layout

I had such fun creating this layout. The paper is from Poland, by a great company called 13@rts.

First off, for anyone that doesn't already know the story, this is my son and his bride to be on their engagement night. He ordered 50 Chinese Lanterns, invited almost a hundred people, and he went to St Louis to ask permission from her parents :-). About 70 people showed up, and we gathered in a soccer field to wait for her roommates to bring her there. We stood in a huge circle and let the lanterns go when she said yes. The lanterns slowly and gently drifted up into the night. What a nice reminder that romance never goes out of style.

He saved one lantern back for photo ops. Yes!

Supplies Used:
Trust me, you need to check out this paper line. You can buy from their store or from Flying Unicorn, of course.